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hi im najmani! this blog is mostly personal but I use it for an array of purposes. feel free to follow but maybe have a look around first

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I haven’t actually liked a guy for so long mostly because I haven’t found someone that I click with socially and intellectually. but that’s all good it just means I’m ascending from earthly pleasures and I’m that much closer to unlocking my full potential

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this could be us but you playin - Sudanese Edition 

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tbh I feel like I’m one of the nicest and friendliest people in somali tumblr. the only time I drag ppl is in group drags and I like y’all selfies what more could u want?

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Introduction to Socialism | Socialist Organizer ↘


During our work among people in our communities, activists with Socialist Organizer frequently get questions about capitalism, socialism, Marx and how to change the world amid globalization and economic collapse.

What challenges do revolutionaries face today? How do we answer the key questions of our time about class, race, gender and oppression?

Socialist Organizer advocates its members, supporters and everyone interested in true social change carefully study the past, present and future. The following are our most popular questions and answers, as well as some writings we often recommend.

The Basics



How to Change the World

Introduction to Socialism

Socialism in Practice

Marxist History

Socialism and Race

Marxist Theory

Fourth International

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Fake Somali Crew

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when u come home from school and take ur makeup off


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yasserkhan wants us to shed our skin and become the new somali.

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I still wanna know what Somali warrior stories he’s talking about??

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