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hi im najmani! this blog is mostly personal but I use it for an array of purposes. feel free to follow but maybe have a look around first


y’all over here talkin about the “short girl struggle” nigga what struggle??? u don’t know that abayah struggle. the not being able to wear heels cuz u’ll look like a sky scraper struggle. the putting back that cute maxi skirt/dress cuz it stops above the ankle struggle. the smiling at a cute guy and then avoiding eye contact cuz u realize he’s shorter than you struggle. the not being able to be sneaky about anything cuz u damn building struggle!!!!


I’m going to print this out and frame it

I’m going to print this out and frame it

for the longest I’ve been telling everyone I’m 5’9 because my sisters and my mom are all 5’9 so I just assumed I wasn’t done growing. but I’m coming to terms with the fact that I’m 5’8 and will probably always be

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I wonder about a lot of things.

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Get me all of these for my wedding. I will wear them all at once I don’t care. 

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A Sudanese bridal dance, or ragsat al aroos, is a choreographed performance put on by the bride, usually in the presence of the groom. It is a night celebrating the bride and also a little sneak peek for the groom. Only women are allowed to attend and filming or photography is strictly prohibited. 

Here’s an example of a performance

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lostscrews asked: what irks me the MOST about people who propagate those ideas is that they casually leave out the fact that men should lower their gaze. If anything Men should be indoors all the time since there so many kuffar women who don't dress modestly. I used to be a part of a very tight knit strict religious community for a few years and they were straight up telling girls not to go to uni because they'll be seen and lusted after,& I'm thinking what about the bros staring at all them non covered women?

it’s a gross double standard. and it disadvantages girls by telling them that they’re “mischief” for men but also teaches boys that their lust for women is normal and that they shouldn’t do anything to mitigate it. teaching boys that they’re incapable of controlling their desires and that the responsibility lies solely on women is harmful to both parties.

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Anonymous asked: there is no balance in terms of addressing modesty for men and women, maybe it's just a reflection of our own communities/cultures? I thought the video was cute, but it also made me uncomfortable.. this is because it's trying to sell the image of "cool" Muslims participating in this viral video in order to show that all muslims aren't angry terrorists, see we're also happy!. I also feel that it adds to the trend of commodifying hijab, whether ppl realise it or not.

in terms of modesty tho muslim women are judged and scrutinized much more harshly, probably due to cultural influences, like you said. yeah I mean it would be a lot different if they had done it autonomously, but they obviously meant to represent “UK Muslims” so whatever criticism you have about it is your right. I think it was just an attempt to humanize Muslims. I’m just not sure where to draw the line between Muslims doing normal people things (whether it’s kind of haram or not) or Muslims trying to pander to the western gaze. it’s nearly impossible to present ourselves normally without there seeming to be some ulterior motive. but that’s another conversation, this video specifically is harmless and doesn’t seem to be “commodifying” anything.

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I honest to god agree with criticism like the fact that it had mixed gender dancing and music and Aisha posted a screenshot of her iman’s statement that if people wanted to show happy Muslims they should show them happy in a way in accordance with Islam, which makes sense.
but I’m not here for people singling out muslimahs for dancing when muslim men were dancing too and modesty is expected of both genders.
I’m not mad about the video at all, personally I thought it was hella cute. but when it comes to criticism, there’s legitimate criticism and then there’s misogynistic bullshit

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Muslim sisters, walking is sexy. Stay at home. Get someone to carry you everywhere.

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